Customer Profile: U.S. Lumber

U.S. Lumber
  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

U.S. Lumber is a privately held distributor of specialty building materials serving much of North America. The company serves customers in 15,000 local lumber yards, building supply dealers, and home improvement retailers who in turn serve the professional remodelers, home builders, general contractors, and DIY’ers in their local communities.

Agility’s tag/tally inventory functionality has played a strong role in increasing profitability for U.S. Lumber. Agility’s lumber architecture allows for a single item to have multiple branches, yard locations, lots, units/tags, and lengths. Every window, every logic component, and every application in the system was built from the ground up with fundamental lumber inventory architecture. By adding mobile barcode scanning capabilities to Agility, U.S. Lumber improved warehouse efficiency, time savings, and order accuracy. 

“Through mobile scanning, our orders and inventory are always accurate. We eliminated the problems related to human error and the paper shuffle, saving a whole person in dispatch.”  

Warehouse personnel scan or key the correct product, location, and quantity at the time they are physically picking for full units and custom tallies. When picking is done, delivery tickets can be immediately printed without waiting for the office staff to update orders.  


Complete inventory control equals better customer service 


Through BInformed, Agility’s powerful business intelligence application and dashboard, U.S. Lumber’s executives can pinpoint answers to business performance questions. They can instantly detect business trends and strategically respond to the ever-changing events occurring in distribution from anywhere in the world.  



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