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Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or remanufacturer,
Agility will make your operation leaner and more profitable.



Designed for your unique products, Agility tracks every dimension of a product with a single item code, streamlining your catalog, and improving inventory accuracy.

Every screen, menu, application, and logic component in Agility delivers better product visibility, control, and ease of use.

“With Agility we’re delivering a value-added service faster and it makes us better competitors.” -Dave Zappone, General Manager, Timber Trading


Agility’s product configurator ensures custom orders are accurate, profitable, and on-time.

Interfaces with major vendors cut order-entry time in half. Agility calculates the true costs of materials, labor, and equipment usage for each job, protecting margins in every quote.

Resource scheduling optimizes your production capacity by reconciling the time, labor, and equipment needed for each job, so you can promise delivery dates with confidence.

“The interfaces are a slick product. If you move windows, they’ll make a lot of sense for you.” -Jay Bundy, Vice President, Eastern Aluminum
Pro Dealers

Pro Dealers

Agility makes it easy to anticipate customer needs and respond quickly to requests.

Customize the Point of Sale for each user, so reps can respond naturally. Quickly check the status of an open quote, look up recent purchases, or print past invoices.

“There’s been a huge time-savings. Contractors have specifically told me they’re impressed with how fast we respond.” – Scott Schwart, Outside Sales, McCray Lumber and Millwork

Hardwood Lumber

Agility always has accurate, real-time answers about your products and pricing. Advanced tally-tracking lets you find a single board among a hundred bundles.

Integrated accounting, sales, and inventory means everyone works in the same system and information is real-time. Real-time data means financial statements are accessible 24/7.

Refine your remanufacturing process by optimizing each resource, so you can reduce waste and maximize profitability.

“We gravitated to Agility because of the inventory functionality, specifically the lumber tally feature,” Bill Robinson, IT Systems Manager, Holt & Bugbee
Roofing / Siding

Roofing / Siding

Agility creates a smoother retail experience with features like the electronic order pad, customizable Point of Sale module, and automatic suggestions for complimentary items.

Reps can respond faster by quickly duplicating and repricing existing quotes, or using OrderPad to check pricing and stock levels for a new list of items. Order entry screen shows quantity of each item in real-time, so reps can alert customers to possible delays or use the alternative items function to find substitute product.

“What sold us on Agility was DMSi’s complete understanding of our business and the products we sell.” -John Noecker, Finance Director, Kohl Building Products


Agility lets you calculate quotes by the square or linear foot, and choose whether to display pricing by footage or by piece.

Reduce confusion about price quotes by generating a schedule of date-specific price increases for each one.

For contracts with multiple deliveries over time, use Agility’s Project Management Window to adjust quantities, pricing, and delivery dates from a single place. Use EDI to conduct business with major buying groups.

“All the bells and whistles of Agility enabled us to automatically change every quote, even the big commercial jobs.” -Barb Hughes, Shawnee Manager, Holmes Drywall


Simplify rebates, remanufacturing, and sales order entry. Detailed, flexible reports make it easy to calculate correct rebate amounts.

Automated cutting optimization with your own formulas. Multi-branch functionality makes item transfers easy, so customers get the products they need.

“Agility has had a very positive effect on our operational efficiencies and our profitability.” -Don Plunkett, Owner, Plunkett Distributing


Maximize profits on your custom jobs.  Agility scheduling tools reduce waste and improve efficiency in remanufacturing processes.

Item configurator makes it fast and easy for reps to create accurate work orders.

“We do a lot of remanufacturing work, and for us, Agility has the best functionality.” -Tim Semons, Operations Manager, California Cascade

Additional Markets

Agility also supports a variety of other vertical markets, including:

  • Masonry
  • Engineered wood
  • Remanufacturing
  • etc.

Agility in Action

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