Neural Grader Launching in North America

  • October 27, 2022
  • Press Release

For Immediate Release 

DMSi is proud to announce that it is launching the distribution of Neural Grader in North America. 

Neural Grader uses specialized industrial cameras and artificial intelligence to identify defects and assign grades automatically to lumber. The product is in late beta stage testing and currently masters red and white oak, as well as ash grading. Other tree species will progressively be added to cover the full range of American hardwood and softwood species. 

48-Hour Installation

Neural Grader is designed to be installed in 48 hours on existing production lines. Compared to existing options in the market, this results in much lower installation costs and negligible disruption of production lines.  

DMSi is partnering with Fordaq, the same team that developed TallyExpress, the AI-driven end tally system, to bring Neural Grader to the American hardwoods market.  

“With TallyExpress, Fordaq achieved 99% accuracy in end tallies with a picture from a phone. They always deliver on what they set out to do with a great combination of vision and technical capability. We look forward to working together to bring the benefits of automated grading technology to the North American lumber industry.” said Henry German, eLIMBS President, a DMSi Subsidiary. “  

Three Years of Hard Work

“Our TallyExpress clients have been asking us to provide them with affordable automated grading technology for a long time. After three years of hard work, we are proud to launch Neural Grader. DMSi benefits from a superb customer reputation, thanks to their professional approach to the market. We look forward to a continued spirit of collaboration,” said Benoit Nieuwenhuys, Fordaq CEO 

About Fordaq  

Fordaq is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and is the developer of TallyExpress, Neural Grader, and, the leading global B2B platform for the wood products industry. 

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