Boston Cedar & Millwork

  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

Boston Cedar & Millwork implemented DMS+ legacy software nearly a decade ago. They needed a software that could improve customer service, streamline business processes, and enhance asset performance. Since then, DMSi’s built-in, industry specific software functionality has allowed them to competently serve their customer base while actively growing their business. As their business expanded, so did their software needs. The added efficiency and functionality of DMSi’s Agility software convinced Boston Cedar to convert and remain competitive in the marketplace.

The conversion from DMS+ to Agility went smoothly and provided Boston Cedar numerous benefits. Through Agility SaaS (Software as a Service) environment, Boston Cedar’s data and application software reside on a remote, secure, expertly maintained Data Center. “As the cost of IT staff steadily increase, SaaS solutions help us drive our costs down, provide complete disaster protection, and keep up with the latest technology. We don’t even think about it,” explains Hunt. “And, it’s great for our salesmen who are now able to access our database on the road … wherever, whenever.”

Agility’s tag/tally inventory functionality and additional benefits of Mobile Solutions play a strong role in increasing Boston Cedar’s profitability. At the heart of Agility is a lumber architecture that allows for a single item to have multiple branches, yard locations, lots, units/tags, and lengths embedded in its core design. Every window, every logic component, and every application in the system was built from the ground-up to employ this fundamental lumber inventory architecture. By adding Mobile barcode scanning capabilities to Agility, Boston Cedar improved warehouse efficiency, time savings, and order accuracy.

“Through mobile’s scanning, our orders and inventory are always 99.9% accurate. We completely eliminated the problems related to human error and the paper shuffle; saving a whole person in dispatch,” says Hunt. Warehouse personnel simply scan or key the correct product, location, and quantity at the time they are physically picking for full units and custom tallies. When picking is done, delivery tickets can be immediately printed without waiting for the office staff to update orders. The final result of complete inventory control is better customer service.

Through BInformed, Agility’s powerful business intelligence application, Boston Cedar’s executives can interactively zero-in on answers to business performance questions, instantly detect business trends, and strategically respond to the ever changing events occurring in distribution. Hunt describes, “Whether he [our owner] is at home, in the office, or anywhere else in the world, he can easily manage the business with BInformed’s complete dash board view.”

For Boston Cedar, DMSi’s customer service is key. Agility software is industry-specific and supported by knowledgeable staff specializing in lumber and building material. Because DMSi knows how lumber businesses work, we have a high comfort level that we are using the best practices for our industry."

Joy Hunt

CFO, Boston Cedar & Millwork

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