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  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

Kirsch Builders Supply decided to outsource certain technologies to help fulfill the company’s commitment of providing one-step distribution companies and builders with quality products. “We are a small, family-owned business and our customers expect us to be able to give them more than our competitors,” Kirsch explained. “I looked at the time lost due to slow performance, server and back-up maintenance and quickly realized that in order for Kirsch Builders Supply to remain focused on customers, we needed to outsource time-consuming activities centering around our network.”

In 2003, Kirsch tackled the problem head-on. The company upgraded to a state-of-the-art system, which includes a Agility SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Technical configuration experts at a remote data center host the application and hardware as part of a monthly service agreement. Loading new releases of software, performing back-ups and system maintenance were tasks Kirsch scratched from his list of responsibilities. Instead, he and his employees have been able to return to core competencies of running their business by handling day-to-day transactions of their growing customer base.

“When you’re talking about business management, it’s becoming more critical to find partners in the building products industry who are always developing the next generation of technology,” Kirsch said. “Out-sourcing software and system maintenance is providing us an easier, more efficient way to do business.”

The decision came after months of careful analysis. When Kirsch, for example, noticed work order completion time shorten from two minutes to mere seconds by inheriting the SaaS model’s hidden, but more modern infrastructure, the benefits began to take shape. Utilizing Agility SaaS protects Kirsch Builders Supply from obsolete technology and reduces capital investments. The company is able to take advantage of a high-performance, redundant server architecture. Regular maintenance and software updates are performed on the server side, removing such responsibilities from Kirsch.

These days, Kirsch Builders Supply personnel realize the advantages of Agility SaaS with the ability to work full-time from their homes, completing quotes, entering orders, and checking sales and stock status remotely. The potential now exists for salespeople to walk into a customer’s office, go online at the customer’s desktop and complete a sale over the Internet – saving paperwork, eliminating task redundancy and speeding up delivery. For Kirsch, arming dedicated employees with business tools they can access anywhere, “is a two-way street,” he said. “Yes, as an owner, I’m helping my employees, but they’re also making my company succeed by working more efficiently. That’s helpful to customers.”

Kirsch and his employees concentrate every day on delivering the right products to their distributor and builder customers. This time, their quest for improving customers’ experiences began by taking a look at their own daily processes. “Agility SaaS helps run our business. It’s important because we can’t do it alone and still compete in the marketplace,” Kirsch concluded.

Yes, as an owner, I’m helping my employees, but they’re also making my company succeed by working more efficiently. That’s helpful to customers."

Ron Kirsch

Owner, Kirsch Builders Supply

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