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  • December 9, 2021
  • Success Story

The sales team at Wholesale Millwork spent a lot of time keeping track of pricing requests. Many customers would ask for pricing on a list of items, and then wait before placing the actual order. The sales reps would jot down the list of products and prices on a notepad, but if the customer called back hours or days later, there was no easy way to find those notes. The sales order had to be created from scratch, and any special pricing needed to be double-checked. Things got even more complicated if the original rep wasn’t available.

Wholesale Millwork’s leadership believed they could improve this process by using Agility’s OrderPad feature. OrderPad is an updated version of the classic sales notepad. Reps can quickly put together a list of products with job-specific pricing. They can then turn the list into an order or save it for later. OrderPad records are saved in Agility, so it’s easy for any rep to find the details of any quote. T.L. Wright, system manager at Wholesale Millwork, was a strong supporter of adopting OrderPad: “We saw the value in everyone knowing what someone else had quoted (or mis-quoted) without having to get the original person back on the phone.”

OrderPad’s simple interface lets reps build product lists quickly. Account information, inventory levels, and job-specific pricing are displayed on one screen. Adding items to the OrderPad product list is much faster than creating a full quote, so it’s perfect for doing informal price checks. When the customer is ready to purchase, users can turn the product list into a sales order directly from the OrderPad screen with only one or two clicks.

OrderPad is also available in the Agility mobile app. Outside sales reps can give immediate and accurate pricing quotes during customer visits. Saving the list in Agility means reps don’t have to manually enter the details later.

Because OrderPad is a standard feature in Agility, there was no need to change or add anything to Wholesale Millwork’s system. The sales team just started using it. Wholesale Millwork’s leadership did take an active role in encouraging adoption. “We pushed OrderPad to our people by doing things like giving prizes for using it,” says Wright.

Wholesale Millwork’s sales team has a much easier time tracking pricing requests since using OrderPad. Chrissy Cerillo, inside sales rep, thinks OrderPad is helpful for any location where more than one person takes customer orders. “Special pricing is right there, change of quantity is right there,” says Cerillo.

As system manager, Wright doesn’t usually take customer orders but steps in to help on occasion. OrderPad is especially useful for someone in his position, since the quotes he creates are saved in Agility for the regular team: “It’s unlikely I will answer the phone next time, but the information is there for whoever does.”

OrderPad has also improved the speed and accuracy of building quotes. Wholesale Millwork’s team can quickly look-up customer pricing or turn a product list into a sales order without starting from scratch. Inside sales rep Karen King says OrderPad makes it easier to bring up the information customers most frequently want: “I like the speed of getting pricing and being able to change UOM for a customer in the same screen.” Wright likes how OrderPad gives job-specific pricing and keeps the important steps in logical order: “It’s quicker for me than pulling up stock status and then entering the customer number. Plus I am more confident that I’m getting the correct price.”

Wholesale Millwork is pleased overall with how OrderPad helps their sales reps work as a team. “OrderPad gives us better visibility,” says Wright. “We felt it was going to be the wave of things to come.”

We saw the value in everyone knowing what someone else had quoted (or mis-quoted) without having to get the original person back on the phone."

T.L. Wright

System Manager, Wholesale Millwork

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